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RVSL Coordinator Needed
JYS Alumni
Letter from the President
Dear Parents,   Another soccer season is rapidly approaching. ...
Jefferson Township Field Closures
Please use this link to find out if a field is closed. Or sign...
RVSL Coordinator Needed

by posted 09/21/2015
JYS Alumni

by JYS posted 09/14/2015
Letter from the President

Dear Parents,


Another soccer season is rapidly approaching.  Before you know it we will be running around to practices and games and getting kids up early for school.  I would like to take this time to remind people of a few things:


  1. The soccer board and all of the coaches are volunteers. We donate a lot of time and effort to teach the kids the game of soccer.  With a program of this size (almost 600 players!) there will be problems: whether it’s scheduling, uniforms, equipment/field issues, weather delays…  We ask that you be patient when things arise until we can correct them.  If you encounter any issues with the JYS program please consider donating your time to help rectify those issues, we are always in need of more volunteers.


  1. Coaches are there to teach your child soccer.  They should communicate with you about schedules, expectations and about your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  To help them out you:
  • Must drop off and pick up your child ON TIME from each game or practice.
  • Should take a ball and get out in the yard with them to improve their skills. 
  • Should learn the rules/formations so you and your child are informed fans/participants.
  • Should sit and watch or attend professional games.   
  1. Everyone that registers their child in the JYS program agrees to the Character Counts and travel parents sign the Set A Good Example (SAGE) form, from the Morris County Youth Soccer Association (MCYSA.)   Below is the SAGE form, please read it and keep this in mind this season.


My Pledge to Set A Good Example

I will not be loud or negative towards players, referees, coaches or spectators. I acknowledge that failing

to show respect for people who are doing the best they can sets a bad example for our children and can result in my expulsion from the field.

If someone else makes an inappropriate comment, I will not make a negative response that could lead to a confrontation. As a player, I should not act in a way that could lead to ejection from a match or embarrassment for my team.

When I coach I will remember that encouragement and praise for every child, not just the best athletes, are critically important to their self-esteem and their ability to achieve the most they can.

I recognize that striving to win, rather than winning itself, is what is important in sports and in life.

Striving to win means doing the best you can.

I recognize that players must get playing time to improve and gain the confidence that helps them do the best they can. I acknowledge that this is more important than winning games.

I acknowledge that making mistakes and losing are part of life. I pledge that I will be tolerant of the mistakes of players, coaches, referees, and others. I recognize that mistakes are opportunities for learning.

I recognize that within the parameters of competition, sportsmanship and fair play are paramount.

I pledge that I will commit to promoting an atmosphere of healthy competition to ensure fun for all participants.”


  1. If you witness any inappropriate actions or hear any inappropriate language at any JYS activity do not hesitate to contact me. 


Let’s make this season fun, be there for the kids and enjoy the game of soccer.  And volunteers make JYS run so help out and donate some time….


Rick Loomis

President Jefferson Youth Soccer  

by posted 08/12/2015
Jefferson Township Field Closures

Please use this link to find out if a field is closed.

Or sign up here for the Jefferson Township's Honeywell Instant Alert system.  You will be notified when fields are closed.

by posted 02/28/2012
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