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Travel FAQs

Q: Who is eligible to play?

A: The Jefferson Youth Soccer Club fields teams from under-9(U9) to under-15 (U15) for boys and girls. Our tryouts are open, meaning anybody may attend and compete for a spot on a team. No spots are guaranteed from year to year. Existing players as well as new players must compete for a spot on the new roster. Player rosters are selected by tryout. In the spring, the Jefferson Youth Soccer Club expands to include High School Players (U-15 thru U-19).  For the Fall 2018 / Spring Season , players born in 2011 through 2004 are elligible to try out.  Note about birth year 2011 players: BY2011 players will be considered for U9 teams and may be combined with BY2010 players.  U9 has been the youngest category in MCYSA.  However, US youth soccer created another small sided category for U8 4v4.  Should MCYSA implement this category, we will consider U8 teams. 

Q: What is Travel Soccer?

A: The Jefferson Youth Soccer Club has two divisions for which it is responsible, Recreation and Travel. Recreation affords an opportunity for all Jefferson residents to play soccer regardless of skill level. Travel is a more competitive program and requires a greater commitment to the sport. The travel season runs from September through June of the following year, with a break over the winter months (December – March). The season consists of league play in the fall season (September thru November) and spring season (April thru June). Each season of league play consists of 10 games (5 home & 5 away). The travel program requires a commitment for both the fall and spring seasons. Teams are formed in specific age groups and compete against teams from other towns. Teams may elect to play in additional competitions that may take place during the season or in the off season months (Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Memorial Day). Sometimes these tournaments sponsored by other towns are in other states and require travel and staying overnight.

Q: Why should I consider Travel Soccer?

A: Travel Soccer provides the opportunity for your child to play at a more competitive level. The Jefferson Youth Soccer Club Travel program includes professional training emphasizing the development of both individual and team skills while emphasizing character, athletic skills and good sportsmanship.

Q:  Where are Travel Games Played? 

A: Majority of the teams within JYS play in the Morris County Youth Soccer Association (MCYSA). Away games are played in other towns usually within 30 to 60 minutes from Jefferson.

Q: Why a tryout? 

A: The objective of the travel program is to put together the strongest team possible to compete against other towns. Tryouts afford an opportunity for evaluations of all players to determine the strongest players. The top players are invited to play while the others remain eligible to play in recreation. 

Q: If my child doesn’t make the team then what? 

A: If your child doesn’t make the travel team they are eligible to play in recreation and tryout again the following year. 

Q: How many teams / players in age group? 

A: Our goal is to have at least one team in each gender in each age group. The number of teams will be based on the number of players who attend the tryout.  U-9 thru U-10 are small sided teams  (7v7 play) with rosters between 11and 12 players.  U-11 thru U-12 are also small sided but with 9v9 games with typicaly 13-16 players on the roster.  U13-U15 play full sided, 11v11 games with rosters typically at 14-19 players.  Second teams can be formed if there are enough players and the Executive board approves the second team.  If a child is selected based on their ability for the “first” team, they are not allowed to reject that offer and play for a second travel team if one is available.

Q: What kind of financial commitment is required?

A: There are many pieces to the cost of playing travel soccer. Including additional registration fees, uniform costs, the costs of traveling, training fees, tournament fees, etc.  The initial estimate of per player costs is roughly $400.00 for the fall, and about 200.00 for the spring.  JYS is recompeting our trainer contract for the Fall 2018 season.  All costs will be known and communicated prior to making a decision to accept a team position.

Q: What kind of time commitment is required? 

A: Your commitment to the travel team is for one year; commencing August through June of the following year. The fall season is from September through November.  Travel teams will generally practice two times during the week with most games on Sundays. Players are generally “off” from Thanksgiving until early January. Teams may practice from January to March indoors. This is discretionary although participation is recommended. If players agree they may also participate in some local indoor one or two day tournaments.
Q: If I am interested what do I do? 

A: You must register your child prior to the tryout date.  The registration site is nearing completion and will be sent out via email and facebook.  There is a $10 fee for tryouts collected at time of registration, paid by credit card only.

Q: How do I know what age group should my child try out for? 

A: Tryouts are by birthyear.  Attend the session corresponding to your childs birthyear.

Q: How will I know if my child made the team? 

A: After the tryout the scores will be tabulated. You will receive a call/e-mail towards the end of June after spring soccer season ends. When you receive the call/e-mail you will either be informed that your child did not make this year’s team or your child will be invited to play on this year’s team. If invited please be prepared to answer yes or no to the invitation when you receive the phone call. By that time you should know if this is a commitment your child and family are willing to make. Your decision could have an impact on other players also waiting for a call as the spots on the team are limited.